Virtual Summit on Building a United Racial Justice Movement, from the US to Palestine ...

where Black lives matter, Palestine is liberated, and all are free.

JOIN US July 18 for a day of:

Powerful Analysis, to better understand the current places in our society where connections across movements can be made and where we should be acting in the US, now.

An exploration of justice-based frameworks so that we can make connections based not just on similarities but understanding critical differences and working at the systematic roots of change.

Connections with movement leaders to learn about actions you can take now to support justice movements from the US to Palestine, with an emphasis on how to show up NOW in the US.

Leave with a toolkit of actions you can take immediately to work towards Collective Liberation – freedom for all!

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From Accountability to Responsibility
Let’s Build the Movement We Want!

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Why Participate & Who Should Join?

Have you been moved to action?

Do you have questions about how to get involved in this moment and for the long run?

Are you active in the Palestine Solidarity Movement but want to delve deeper into why connecting to the issues here in the US is so important?

Are you active in movements across the US but want to understand more fully how to connect these movements with Palestine?

Are you eager to be in community with others who understand the need for Collective Liberation?

Then JOIN US for a Day of Analysis, Reflection, and a Deep Commitment to Solidarity and Action


Tickets are available on a sliding scale: $50 - $250

We don't want cost to be a barrier and so we are able to offer a limited number of discounted tickets for $15. To request this code, please contact

What does my payment support?

Eyewitness Palestine has brought over 1500 change-makers from across the US to Palestine/Israel for life changing delegations over the past 19 years, but we have had to suspend our core programming for the first time ever due to COVID-19. From Noura Erakat to Tamika Mallory, Cindy and Craig Corrie, to Mark Braverman, an impressive array of movement leaders have been through or helped lead our program.

In recent years, we’ve taken the lead in developing a core curriculum aimed at introducing new and veteran activists to racial justice and equity principles, which is why we’re excited to bring you this summit.

Until travel becomes possible, we are moving our programming online:
    • Bringing Palestine to you, through Virtual Delegations.
    • Providing space for important analysis from movement experts through innovative webinars.
    • Working locally with community organizations to provide training on racial justice & equity.

We also must keep our organization strong financially, in order to move forward with our core programming, the moment travel is possible! As the longest running, consistent delegation program to Palestine/Israel, Eyewitness Palestine must be able to continue its integral role in the solidarity movement – providing an immersive leadership program that inspires and trains participants to be accountable lifelong social justice advocates in the Palestine solidarity movement and within their own communities.

The funds from this summit will be used to advance both the digital programming and to ensure that our core programming can resume as quickly as possible. At the moment, $20 of every payment will be put towards direct costs of the summit. Additional amounts will be a tax-deductible donation to Eyewitness Palestine. We are working to try and lower this amount, so that as much as possible can be tax-deductible. If you would like to underwrite the summit with a larger donation, please contact us at

Our Co-sponsors:

Thank you to our co-sponsors for all of their important work! (More to be Added Soon)

About The Summit's Host, Eyewitness Palestine:

Eyewitness Palestine (formerly Interfaith Peace-Builders) began in 2001 as a project of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the oldest interfaith peace and justice organization in the United States. The initial program was created as a response to a call from Palestinian and Israeli activists to begin consistently sending delegations to the region. In 2008 we became an independent nonprofit organization.

After almost 20 years and 70 delegations to Palestine/Israel, our work engages increasingly diverse communities in a dramatically evolving international movement. Delegates include movement activists and those brand new to the issue; movement leaders and innovative organizations; pastors, imams, rabbis and other religious leaders; medical workers and artists; students and retirees; LGBTQ activists and church members.

We changed our name to Eyewitness Palestine in 2018 so that we could better serve the movement for Palestinian freedom. For the movement to grow, we must bring more people face-to-face with the realities Palestinians live with and build the connections around colonialism and white supremacy that affect us all.

While the core of our mission is bringing people to Palestine/Israel, we are much more than a delegation program. Delegates are educated before delegations through our Racial Justice and Equity curriculum. This curriculum directs each delegate towards community justice and advocacy work that appends to Collective Liberation - the idea that liberation for one is liberation for all and the oppression of one is the oppression of all.

And liberation for all is what drives all of our work as an organization. Thus, we have partnered on groundbreaking delegations, including Indigenous and People of Color Delegations, African Heritage Delegations, Lawyers and Legal Scholars Delegations, Civil and Human Rights Delegations, innovative interfaith delegations, and more.

Our programs also focus on moving towards action, through our Education and Advocacy component. Every participant of our programs makes a commitment towards this action and working for freedom for all. We provide skills and support for this action, completing the cycle of learning, direct experience in Palestine/Israel and action that we believe creates the change we all seek.

Learn more about Eyewitness Palestine and all of our programs!